Nothing puts the finishing touches on a beautiful lawn than neatly trimmed borders.

Just as important as picking the perfect lawn mower, the lawn trimmer you choose needs to match the job it’s called to do.

The thickness of your lawn and weeds will play a significant factor in choosing the correct trimmer for your needs. Yard trimmers come in different styles and sizes depending on their use. Some are used for light jobs where just a weekly mowing is required. However, professional landscapers may need a more durable trimmer for heavier tasks.

Let’s look at the difference of each style so you’re better informed on what size and style your lawn care may require.

Shaft Style – Straight, Curved, or Detachable?

If you are a commercial landscaper and have larger yards with many fences and obstacles, a straight shaft may be a good choice.  Whereas if you are a homeowner who only needs some light trimming now and then you may want a curved shaft.

Those hard to reach areas such as under porches, around trees and fences call for a straight shaft trimmer. This style puts more of a distance between the ground and the operator for better reach and less chance of debris kickback.

For more control and typically lighter in weight, the curved shaft trimmer is easier to use around flower beds and sidewalks. The curved shaft makes them more comfortable to hold and more manageable for any homeowner.

If you have multiple tasks, you may want to choose a detachable split shaft trimmer to make for a smooth transition from leaf blowing, edging, brush cutting, hedge trimming, and clean sweeping. This style of trimmer can replace a multitude of power equipment. With just a swap of the shaft, you can transform your power equipment to whatever tool the job calls for.

Large Jobs – Wheeled String or Brush Cutter Trimmer

Similar to a push lawnmower, walk-behind wheeled string trimmers are suitable for overgrown areas with rugged terrain.  Typically these trimmers have 4-cycle engines like push mowers. We recommend these types of trimmers for commercial landscapers or for homeowners tackling heavy weeds and large overgrown areas.

For those really tough jobs, a brush cutter has typically larger engines and more power than a string trimmer. They are perfect for clearing dense, thick grass and heavily weeded areas. Their straight shaft offers durability, and the handle design allows for better maneuverability and comfort when used for extended periods.

Gas, Electric, or Battery?

Depending on your needs, the choice between a battery-operated, electric or gas trimmer gives you many options. A gas-operated one allows you the mobility you need, whereas a battery or electric trimmer will be lighter and easy to handle and start.

Here are the main differences between each:

Battery – The cord-free mobility a battery operated trimmer provides is perfect for smaller yards and patios. Running for about thirty minutes on a charge, they are emissions-free and require little maintenance.

Electric – Perfect for smaller yards, are affordable and have little maintenance issues. Typically are equipped with a push start and are easy to use by any homeowner. They are a quiet alternative to gas-powered trimmers but are limited in range by the length of the cord.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not carry the battery  and electric models in our showroom, however, Husqvarna has a full line of battery lawn trimmers on their website that you can purchase directly.

Gas – Perfect for advanced lawn maintenance and professional landscapers. Typically designed to be more durable, gas-powered trimmers are suitable for any type of growth, thick or thin. They offer more mobility and are ideal for a more extended period of operation. They do require more maintenance and are noisier than the battery or electric models.

To wrap things up, it’s best to determine your usage and job size when choosing the correct style of lawn trimmer.

Selecting the right trimmer the first time will save you time and money and turn your lawn into the beautiful yard you desire.

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